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This photo reminds me of Calvino’s book. A fictional character reading about another fictional character. Its kinda one of the chain ideas that calvino is going with in his book.
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Thoughts on the book: I got annoyed here and there because I just wanted to read one story and get into that story without it changes every chapter.
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Italo Calvino, If on a winter’s night a traveler
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With all the different perspectives in Italo Calvino…. this is what it felt like.
Perhaps true, total photography, he thought, is a pile of fragments of private images, against the creased background of massacres and coronations. Italo Calvino, Adventures of a Photographer (via verbumsat)

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"Plan B"

Makes you wonder what plan A was… in a way it’s like Muldoon thought of plan B while a book was on his head.. “On my own head be it if, after the years of elocution and pianoforte” he says in the beginning and then ends with “to the book balanced on my head.”

7. Endings

This poem makes me think that everything ends somewhere…

"A child

shifts in a cot.

No matter what happens now

I’ll never fill one again.”

The child feels abandoned while seeing the branches and realizing that everything ends.